Week 7: #whileyouweresleeping

Tuesday, 14th of February 2012

Carlos blew air through his lips. He felt the small ring box press into his chest, and tapping his breastpocket, he smiled. He looked down at his phone again.



Monday, 20th of February 2012

Katherine caught a glimpse of her watch whilst absent minded staring at her ring.

‘Where the hell is that silly, boy?’ she smiled.


Tuesday, 21st of February 2012


Friday, 24th of February 2012


Saturday, 25th of February 2012


Sunday, 26th of February 2012


Monday, 27th of February 2012


Friday, 2nd of March 2012


2 Responses to Week 7: #whileyouweresleeping

  1. Blimey. This looks interesting. Move over Will Cohu, is what I say! I actually think the STEFG12 story would have worked better had it been presented onscreen like this. Doesn’t really “happen” on the page. Well done, Sir!

    • Hey, hey…

      Thanks so much! I was very worried this didn’t really work, but I’m glad to see it got a good response.

      Hopefully keep seeing you around. Will send you an email about possibly doing a RMSYL (I have to get over my hatred for the sound of my own voice!)


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