The 2012 Short Story Challenge: One story per week

Hello there:

My project/challenge for 2012: I shall write and post a short story every week this year. That’ll be 52 in total! It sound pretty hard really and I’m pretty sure it’ll be even harder than it sounds but I figured in for a penny, in for a pound. Hopefully you’ll join me on this trip with your comments and feedback on the stories as we go along (or even better yet, why not join me in the writing? Drop me a line for details)
Update 31.08.12: Challenge is dead

Week 1: A Goan Story

Week 2:  Waiting Room

Week 3:
Red Noon

Week 4: A Fool’s Errand

Week 5: The Mango Tree

Week 6: Mojito Rhythm

Week 7: #whileyouweresleeping

Week 8: Abracadabra: Bang! (Or the story of how the world ends)

Week 9: A Christmas Cracker


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